happiness project: files & finances + misc (nov)

Simplify and Prepare, Project 43 and the monthly projects in my Happiness Project … so many projects! In reality, they are all facets of the same project, guiding me to finish or give up old projects and move forward on the ones that are most important to me.

Octobber’s main theme was Travels. While our move to Decatur and the girls starting school has forced us to cut way back on our frequent travels, I still strive to incorporate travel into our lives. We’ve had some big trips, are planning other big trips, and have included local “travel” into our plans. This past month we visited Washington DC where we had NEW adventures including touring the White House, going to the top of the Washington Monument and visiting the Capitol Building on a tour (instead of our accidental trips there in the past). I have continued updating our 101 list and have been planning new trips, such as our big trip to NYC this month.

November’s main theme is “Files/Finance”. Over the past year, I’ve been working with Rob to organize the boring side of life. We still have some way to go, but we’ve gotten a first will notarized and have finalized paperwork for a more complete one — now to visit the lawyer. I’ve organized my physical files and my computer files. I backup my computers, Google docs, and phone at least once a month. I’ve gotten my email down from 88K emails to under 2K emails. I have organized my iTunes on one computer, but still need to sort through the 23K tracks on the main computer. I’ve created “health histories” for me and the girls. I’ve created academic files for the girls. I’m working on emergency preparedness plans. I’ve recorded serial numbers and taken photos of all our “things”. Yep, this topic has come a LONG way in a year. I’m feeling organized!!

In addition, my plans for the month include small items from other month’s topics, such as starting to redesign this blog a bit, some menu planning, and keeping up with my weekly resolutions. This month, I am keeping my daily goal to 12K steps a day. While I came close to 10K every day, I missed the 12K mark many days. I just have to keep at it, and I’ll get there!

A couple of these small items are the same as last month, but most of the big ones have been crossed off, and I have moved forward on all of them. It really is a great feeling to be able to cross off many items “for good”! As we come close to the end of the year, I’m finding more and more time each day to cook, read and knit. (Now to get myself out to WALK every day!)

As usual, whatever doesn’t get done gets cycled back into the plan at a later date. I’ve crossed off a number of ongoing projects in the past month, and I look forward to getting more things organized and done as well as progressing in the longer-term projects.

When 2015 rolls around, I hope to have finished up most of my organizational projects in “Simplify and Prepare“. I will likely have a few unfinished tasks, but I know I’ve made great strides. My theme for 2015 will be “Energy and Empowerment”. I’m looking forward to tackling new challenges now that I’m so close to wrapping up so many loose ends that have been dragging me down.

Postscript: I just took a moment to look back at last year’s Nov 2013 happiness project outline, and I am amazed at what I’ve done since then. Each of my my small steps forward each month have truly moved me forward.

found a lucky penny - 2 oct 2014

found a lucky penny – 2 oct 2014

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