happiness project monthly breakdown: learning (sep)

knitting - 3 may 2016

knitting – 3 may 2016

September is the “Learn” month in my Happiness Project. In 2014 and 2015, I worked on creating a revising a learning list. I’ve kept up with some things, dropped some, and put others on hold for the moment.

I’ve been studying French all along; Duolingo reports that I am now 33% fluent in French. I have taken a few photography classes and workshops. I have taken a few knitting classes and am working on my third hat. I took a class on amateur radio and earned my license. I have started reading Time and the New Yorker weekly and feel more in touch with current events than I had been. I try to read a book or two a month. I have completed a few Coursera classes, mostly in Python and R.

Two learning projects that are on hold at the moment are my reading classic literature and watching classic films. I really hope to get back to these soon.

I’m also hoping to start guitar lessons soon.

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