My earliest memories are of passing time in the car on family travels by making up games with numbers in my head. Only as I got older did I realize I had been re-creating the Fibonacci sequence, factorials, and all things combinatorial. As an intern at IBM (where my parents met and my dad career’ed), I learned about the practical side of my pastimes and eventually majored in math at Colgate then studied as a doctoral student in Computation and Applied Mathematics (I published the very first web pages for the department at the dawn of the web!) at Rice University. As a newly minted PhD, I was hired by ILOG in 1997 as a consultant. ILOG was acquired by IBM in 2009, and so I’ve come full circle, now an IBMer once again.

I’ve been telecommuting since 1996 — that might even be predate the coining of the term (though my dad telecommuted in the ’80s with a coupler). Not only did I finish my PhD from a thousand miles away, I’ve always worked from home with managers in California, Paris, and other parts of France.

I’ve been blogging since 1998. This latest incarnation of my blog, GobbledyGoon, was a chronicle of the music, travel, and parenting adventures of me, Gwyneth aka GBK Gwyneth, and my two girls, now aged 18 and 15. As they’ve gotten older and moved from homeschooling to public school (and now college!) the focus of my life and blog has shifted as well. I love to be on the go, whether visiting old favorites or discovering new places.

Six years ago, life around here changed quite a bit as we downsized to a two-bedroom condo in downtown Decatur, GA, and Chloe then Camille started attending public school. Our travel plans have morphed since the move as we work to balance school schedules and our travels… but traveling is in my blood and we’ll continue to hit the road or friendly skies as our schedule permits.

Now that we no longer travel as often and I no longer keep up with our kids’ music blog, I’ve had a bit of time to consider what “I want to do with the rest of my life”. As such, the Happiness Project posts have been increasing in frequency as I change the focus of my life’s journey. I’ve started volunteering for the Red Cross, exercising at the gym, and decluttering the messes that accumulated in our years of homeschooling.

If you’d like to follow along in our adventures, please see my:

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  • Want to reach out? I’m all ears: gwyneth AT butera DOT org


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