A couple of weeks ago, I turned 46. Another year has gone by. Not only do I still feel as though I didn’t move ahead enough on my goals, my birthday really brought me down. Low.

However, I have moved ahead… What I have managed to accomplish in the past two years makes me proud. I still have a ways to go, for sure, but I have made major inroads towards my life goals: home life organization, manageable to-do lists, actual free time, weekly hikes, cooking, volunteering, etc.

Goals for this year, in addition to my Happiness Project goals and Thrive goal include:

  • Get in more walking; I really do want to walk Hadrian’s Wall at some point! This includes getting some well-fitting shoes that don’t make my toes hurt after a mile. And losing weight.
  • Improving my photography skills. I need to get my camera out instead of relying on my phone camera.
  • Fitting in more travel. Even if I have to stay much more local than in the past.
  • Dressing better. I’m hoping that as I lose weight, I will enjoy clothes more. Right now, I am often dressed comfy, yes, but not very nice. I’ve improved my wardrobe slightly since last year, but I still have a long way to go.
  • To work on making our home even more inviting to me and to others and then to invite people over more often. This is a bit built into my Happiness Project goals already, but is something I want to be sure to focus on.

I’ve worked hard over the past couple of years to create space in my life and to improve my health. I am now in a position to really concentrate on all of my various projects that are aimed at helping me be the best me that I can be.

PATH - 28 jan 207

PATH – 28 jan 207

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