begin again.

After months of turmoil, things in our house (as opposed to the larger world) seem to be settling down into a bit of a routine. I find myself with time on my hands. Since freeing up some time is a huge piece of my multi-year Happiness Project, I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am. Happily so.

So this week Chloe and I are working on another big item from my Happiness Project, EXERCISE! While I love to get out for a hike at Arabia as often as possible … it’s not as possible as it was in the fall. So Chloe and I took a big step this week; we went to the gym together, twice so far.

I’m hoping that with an exercise partner who is enthusiastic about getting to the gym, I’ll make it more of a priority.

While she is enthusiastic about trying out some of the classes, I just want to start with walking and slowly getting back to weight lifting. I’m hoping that together we can come up with a routine that we can stick to on a regular basis.

sweaty - 31 jan 2017

sweaty – 31 jan 2017

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