happiness project: finances + misc (nov) – update

As we are now halfway through this month, I’m ready to asses where I’ve gotten on my Happiness Project tasks for this month.

Overall, things have been moving along vey nicely.

  • I’ve tackled a number of our “trouble spots” including the junk drawer and more. I would still love to get the “art dresser” cleaned out before the end of the month.
  • The master bath is looking better than ever. I still have a few more spots crying out for art, but I’m going to look around a bit for something that really fits. The tile people are coming to clean and seal the tiles and grout this week (finally).
  • I’m working on my “7 Habits” book each week.
  • I ‘m more than halfway through creating a photo album for our trip to Japan (back in 2008).
  • I’ve enumerated my accounts related to Gooney Bird Kids (I think). I deleted the MySpace one and some others.
  • I’ve updated the Picasa albums and map for GBK concert recaps. I’m moving some “recaps” from our website to the blog (slow going).
  • I finished adding general travel, Georgia State Park and Georgia History photos to my own Picasa albums, plus some other tasks.

As for the main task for the month (files and finances), I’ve made progress. I’ve cleaned out my inbox, a few piles of papers in boxes and more.

Rob and I sat down and went through accounts. It wasn’t enough, but it was a start. It’s a challenge. Most of the accounts have Rob as the contact. His userid and his password. I wonder how other people manage this… I’m thinking maybe we could have a “joint” email that just gets forwarded to both of us so that we both have easy access to all of our joint accounts??

We tried to schedule signing our wills, but our notary won’t be around. I have it on my schedule to schedule again after Thanksgiving.

gazoo - 14 nov 2013

gazoo – 14 nov 2013

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