happiness project: finances + misc (nov)

A couple of weeks ago, I had a breakthrough : I conquered my to-do list! Well, not completely, as it has a revolving door of of things that I need to do, but I managed to finally cross off all the nagging things that I’ve needed to get to RIGHT NOW! In the past two weeks, I’ve finally had time to get back to re-organizing my ongoing happiness project.

While I was able to divide all of my ideas into twelve “categories”, I realized that trying to pigeonhole each category into a single month is not possible. Many of the things I want to do to get more organized really are tasks best stretched across months.

So while I’ll have a focused task each month, I’ll also be continuously working on the other eleven topics.

November’s topic is “Files and Finances”. The idea is for me to sit down with Rob and make sure that we both know what money comes in and what goes out. What our goals and plans are. What we own and what we owe. And to finally get our wills signed. Over the next year, I have ideas written down for monthly projects related to our files and finances. Now to only get us in the same city at the same time to be able to sit down for a few hours of slogging through it all.

In addition, my plans for the month include small items from other topics, such as tackling a few “trouble” spots (junk drawer organizing), sprucing up the master bathroom, working through my “7 Habits” workbook, creating a photo album for our trip to Japan in 2008, enumerating my accounts related to Gooney Bird Kids, updating the Picasa albums, and map for GBK concert recaps and working on adding general travel, Georgia State Park and Georgia History photos to my own Picasa albums.

Doable, right? Whatever doesn’t get done gets cycled back into the plan at a later date.

autumn - 2 nov 2013

autumn – 2 nov 2013

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