happiness project: SIMPLIFY and PREPARE

I spent the first half of the year declaring that this was my year to THRIVE. And much as I had hoped to pursue that, what I’ve found is that this has been my year to SIMPLIFY and PREPARE.

In order to make room in my life for the things I want to explore and do, I need first to simplify, by reducing my obligations and organizing my home, computer files and remaining obligations. I’ve been very diligently working through items on my happiness project list; as I reassess the list, I noticed that many of the items on my list involve these preparation steps. While I had conquered my to-do list back in October, the happiness project items managed to fill it right up again. But once again, it has been conquered. I’ve organized our house, my files, my blogs, my volunteer obligations, and more. I’ve gotten rid of old online accounts and deleted more files and blogs than I realized I had. I feel organized. I feel that my obligations have been reduced to only those I want to have.

I still have a few loose ends to tidy up and forward-moving projects (as opposed to cleaning up ones) to attend to, but it feels so liberating to have ditched old projects that are no longer relevant. I’ve had time to volunteer, walk and get out a bit more. I’ve come a long way in Simplifying and Preparing for next year’s challenges, and by the time January rolls around, I will be ready!

tiles - 19 jul 2014

tiles – 19 jul 2014

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