happiness project: CREATE (2016)

Here we are closing up the year 2015. And as people do, I’m thinking about what has gone by and how to plan for the new year ahead.

2015 was my year of EMPOWERMENT and ENERGY improvement. While some of the more concrete items on that list (car maintenance class, for example) were not completed, I made one decision that, for me, made my goal a success. I joined a gym. Going to the gym, lifting weights (even free weights!), and meeting with a trainer has made me stronger, more empowered, less timid, more energized, and more confident. And so I call the year’s goal met.

Unfortunately, my organizing and simplifying projects from 2014 still seem to consume great swaths of my time. I’m still working on organizing old photos and negatives, a home maintenance manual, cleaning up my iTunes, and more. These ongoing organizational projects will be continuing for some years, but I hope to find a good balance.

For 2016, my theme is CREATE. My main goal is to be more, well, creative. A few of my ideas include taking another photography class or two, learning to knit, cooking more, playing guitar, working on some crafty projects, and starting some creative journaling.

As with last year, each month will have a particular focus. Since I have crossed off so many items from previous years, some of the monthly focuses from last year are no longer relevant. I’ve replaced these with new ones that relate to my new goals.

It’s going to be a great year!

beach - 27 dec 2015

beach – 27 dec 2015

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