happiness project: EMPOWER and ENERGY (2015)

Here we are closing up the year 2014. And as people do, I’m thinking about what has gone by and how to plan for the new year ahead.

2014 was my year to SIMPLIFY and PREPARE. Happily, I’ve managed to complete most of the major projects on that list. Old projects have been completed and tidied up. My online presence and home have been simplified and organized. A few more loose ends need to be tied up, and I’m done!

Of course, I never will be done, though. Organizing and simplifying will need to be a constant process, but not one that will consume the amount of time I put into it this year. Keeping up with deleting emails that I no longer need, recording serial numbers as we purchase new gadgets, clearing out clutter as it accumulates. These all take time, but this process no longer need to be my focus.

My theme for 2015 is EMPOWER and ENERGY. My main goals are to work on improving my energy levels, my strength, my confidence and my self-sufficiency. I have lots ideas for working on these goals and have added the steps to my monthly projects; a few of the ideas include researching “energy” foods, starting some weights training, taking a car maintenance class, sleeping 8 hours a night, and walking 10K steps or more a day.

As with last year, each month will have a particular focus. Since I have crossed off so many items, some of the monthly focuses from last year are no longer relevant. I’ve replaced these with new ones that relate to my new goals.

It’s going to be a great year!

flowers - 30 dec 2014

flowers – 30 dec 2014

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