sub-freezing camping

We’ve been camping in sub-freezing temps before — at LEAF, in Jackson, WY.

But this weekend was the first time that water froze to a solid block. Our gallon jugs froze and even the spigot at our site froze.

Silly me, I had SCOFFED at the steady trickle (not drip) of the faucet at the site next to ours, but I should not have. By mid-morning, the faucets had warmed up and we had water again.

We brought extra blankets with us, knowing that it would be frigid, but the girls had not understood and did not bring SmartWool socks nor gloves. (DOH) Maybe a few more frigid nights and they’ll understand how to prepare?

first sign - 14 jan 2012

where's the water - 14 jan 2012

icicle - 14 jan 2012

iced over - 14 jan 2012

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