happiness project monthly breakdown: files/finances (nov)

papers - 6 may 2016

papers – 6 may 2016

November is the “Files/Finances” month in my Happiness Project. In 2013, 2014, and 2015, I’ve spent a LOT of time organizing my paper files, my computer files, my iTunes, my email, and more. We’ve written a will. I created health histories for me and the girls. I created academic files for the girls. We’ve gathered serial numbers into a document. I backup my computers monthly. I still have a ways to go with creating a budget, an emergency preparedness plan, and some other things.

I now have a yearly schedule to help me stay on track with the files and finances.

  • Jan: Update budget
  • Feb: Update serial numbers/passports/credit cards
  • Mar: Organize computer files, backups, raw photo files (yikes)
  • Apr: Organize e-mail (get to 1550)
  • May: Organize iTunes
  • Jun: Update academic achievements / print report cards / notes
  • Jul: Organize paper files/binders
  • Aug: Update medical records
  • Sep: Update will
  • Oct: Update emergency preparedness/house document
  • Nov: Update bills and accounts- monthly bills, passwords

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