happiness project monthly breakdown: blogs (jun)

sharpies - 18 feb 2016

sharpies – 18 feb 2016

June is the “Blogs” month in my Happiness Project. In 2014 and 2015, I spent hours and hours cleaning up all of my blogs. I moved any remaining content on Blogger over to WordPress. I merged some blogs. I found new owners for some blogs and websites (for example: UUHomeshool, PLAIN, and KPL Fans). I deleted some blogs. I updated the themes and widgets for all of my remaining blogs.

I reduced the number of email accounts I have, and I made them consistent in how they forward, etc. My online presence is so much more manageable now that I’ve put in the hours and hours to list all of my accounts and figure out which ones were ones worth keeping and which weren’t.

June’s main theme is “Blogs”. Each year in June I check on old blogs and accounts and delete what is no longer relevant. I check on email addresses and other accounts as well. The monthly breakdown is:

  • Jun: Review all blogs, accounts, and email accounts
  • Aug: Review format and mission for butera.org
  • Sep: Review format and mission for DecaturSquared
  • Oct: Review format and mission for GobbledyGoon
  • Nov: Review format and mission for CanalHiker

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