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Thrive!, Project 43 and the monthly projects in my Happiness Project … so many projects! In reality, they are all facets of the same project, guiding me to finish or give up old projects and move forward on the ones that are most important to me.

May’s main theme was Volunteer. As I’m now volunteering weekly in the office at the Red Cross and working lots of races, festivals and events with the Police CAPS here in Decatur, there’s not much more I can do at the moment. I do hope that within a couple of months, I will be able to free up a little more time in order to sign up for more DAT shifts and maybe even go to a bigger disaster operation if I’m needed.

June’s main theme is “Blogs”. I’ve spent the last year cleaning up my blogs. Although I gave up updating the Gooney Bird Kids blog earlier this year, I had left a lot of loose ends. By the end of July, I should be done with the blog cleanups and have a month or so of final loose ends. Once done with the GBK project, I have some cleanup to do on this blog, the DecaturSquared blog and the butera.org blog.

In addition, my plans for the month include small items from other month’s topics, such as decorating the entry hall, organizing the girls’ school records, continuing with organizing my health records as well as the girls’, getting a better will written, organizing my paper files, finishing up with recording serial numbers and photos of our various possessions, discovering one cookbook, learning about juicing, improving my flexibility, walking 10K steps EVERY DAY, visiting the eye doctor, and volunteering at the Red Cross office.

Many of these small items are the same as last month, but I have moved forward on all of them, and I think a few more of might finally be completed this month. It really is a great feeling to be able to cross off many items “for good”!

As usual, whatever doesn’t get done gets cycled back into the plan at a later date. I’ve crossed off a number of ongoing projects in the past month, and I look forward to getting more things organized and done as well as progressing in the longer-term projects. Yet again I wish I had taken more photos!

flowers - 31 may 2014

flowers – 31 may 2014

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