happiness project: friends/family + misc (jan)

Though I did not accomplish everything on my December project list, I made some forward strides; unfortunately, much of my energy went to our Christmas celebrations, leaving little time to really have made a dent in this project. And now, it is time to start up on the January tasks!

January’s topic is “Friends and Family”. Essentially, I’d like to pay a bit more attention to relationships. The first step for me is to bring my address book up to date and to work on sending out birthday cards. It isn’t much, but it is a good place for me to start. I’ve ordered some birthday cards, and hope to send out at least a few a month.

In addition, my plans for the month include small items from other topics, such as organizing my health records, getting the will signed, organizing one bank account, recording serial numbers and photos of our various things, starting to spruce up the master bedroom, cleaning up the balconies, working through my “7 Habits” workbook, enumerating my accounts related to butera.org, updating the Picasa albums, and map for GBK concert recaps, cleaning up old posts on this blog (some photos are still stored in Blogger), walking 10K steps EVERY DAY, doing more meal planning, shopping at the Farmers’ Market at least once, and continuing with the Red Cross coursework I’ve started.

Doable, right? Whatever doesn’t get done gets cycled back into the plan at a later date.


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