happiness project: health + misc (dec)

Though I did not accomplish everything on my November project list, I made good forward strides, enough to make me feel as though I am moving forward once again, and that gives me renewed energy. And now, it is time to start up on the December tasks!

December’s topic is “Health”. I have other months devoted to focusing on Cooking and Exercise, so this month is really focused on health. As of last month, I had not been to the doctor in over five years. I got a bit of a jump start on the project when I finally went in last month. This month continues that move in the right direction with resolving to make appointments for the followup items (like my very first mammogram). Over the next year, I’d like to get some of my medical records, history, etc in order. I don’t even know how to start. What’s important? How do I gather my immunization records to have them in one place? What’s the best way to record my health records and family medical history? What urgent care place should I take me or the girls to if we need it?

In addition, my plans for the month include small items from other topics, such as getting the will signed, organizing one bank account, recording serial numbers and photos of our computers/tvs/phones/important docs/etc, continuing with sprucing up the master bathroom, cleaning up the balconies, working through my “7 Habits” workbook, enumerating my accounts related to DecaturSquared, updating the Picasa albums, and map for GBK concert recaps and cleaning up old posts on this blog (some photos are still stored in Blogger).

Doable, right? Whatever doesn’t get done gets cycled back into the plan at a later date.

phelix - 30 nov 2013

phelix – 30 nov 2013

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