happiness project: energy (june)

So, how did it go, my happiness project topic for May?

Als, not so good. I had a couple of truly low periods during the month. I did not have enough energy to even attempt to do the things that might have helped me improve my energy levels. But ever since getting out of town last weekend, things are going better. I now realize how much I miss our camping trips and our music trips where I could just “get away from it all” for a bit! Last weekend, once we managed to get the condo clean and all of our stuff packed, I felt so strong, driving off with my girls in Evie, exploring and camping. I was in charge. I had to make the choices. If things went wrong, I had to fix them. I no longer felt helpless or that I was not making the right choices. I felt like I could do what needed to be done.

And thus, I’m not moving on to a new topic this month. I’m going to roll with this upswing in energy and continue to work on improving my energy and on reducing that to do list that seems to be intent on drowning me. And I’m going to concentrate on our summer passport to fun. Enjoying the few “free” moments with my kids is what I need to be doing right now … not stressing so much over my ever growing lists and projects. In a couple months, I’ll be back to it working on other topics on my Happiness Project. With both kids in school, there will be new and different challenges. But for June and July, I’m concentrating on having fun and on getting their room decorated and organized and anything else that will get us ready for SCHOOL! Once we’re back into the school days, I’ll figure out how to structure my time to exercise and healthy eating.


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