happiness project: Energy (May)

May is here! And now it is time for me to buckle down and retackle my Happiness Project.

As I outlined last month, this month I’ll be focusing on energy once again. The main categories of items I’ll ba\e tackling this month are : sleep, food, drinks, supplements, exercise, and environment.

The first week, I’m focusing on food, drinks and supplements. The first step? Following the Whole Living Action Plan. Now that we have a juicer, this will fairly simple to follow. I’m a little nervous about the fish, but we’ll see what happes when I get there. The plan promises mor energy within a week. I sure hope that will be true for me!

With the plan, I’m also following the no soda/alcohol plan, but I just can’t kick the caffeine habit yet. I will limit myself to two (big) mugs of coffee each morning. Though I’m considering drinking a mug of black tea each afternoon – I am surprised at the coffee versus tea/soda caffeine content. Coffee has way more than tea or cola!

So, here’s to healthy eating the first week!

lentil salad - 15 apr 2013

lentil salad – 15 apr 2013

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