news from arabia – 28 nov 2017

arabia lake - 27 nov 2017

arabia lake – 27 nov 2017

This week in our Arabian Adventures:

Monday 11/27:

Since we were at the cabin most of last week, Phelix and I only made it out to Arabia once this past week. On Monday, we took a friend out to the lot. As we approached the driveway, there was a group of people walking along Rockland. I said, “Well, I have never seen anyone on the trail I’m about to take you on, it looks like we might have company.” Sure enough as we crossed over Rockland to hike the “Pink trail” (I have no idea if it has a real name), we spotted the group on the other side of the little lake (again no idea if it has a name).

There are a few trees down, but we navigated our way up to the orange Woodland Trail. In previous weeks, I had trouble figuring out how to get onto the trail because of a windfall, but we managed okay. We also spotted a large deer bounding through the forest as we approached. Phelix ran off at one point, but came back pretty quickly. The trees are still filled with yellow leaves; combined with the bright sunshine, they are a beautiful sight! Soon they will all be down as we move into winter. We walked to the Vaughter’s Farm meadow then through the meadow to the PATH. We only encountered one person while walking the PATH to the Nature Center.

As we walked down the cairn trail, I was happy to see a bit more water in Tadpole Pond. The lake was lovely with the fall colors reflecting off the surface!

Rockland Road appears to be fully paved now, following the big sewer replacement project. I just wish it had a bit of a shoulder or a sidewalk ….

arabia - 27 nov 2017

arabia – 27 nov 2017

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