don’t procrastinate.

pens - 12 jul 2017

pens – 12 jul 2017

That’s a message to myself. Don’t procrastinate. Start today.

When I *fear* that something will be difficult or frustrating, I tend to put it off, whether it’s a task at home or a task at work. And then once I sit down and complete it, I wonder why I wasted all that time worrying about it.

So for the past week or two, I’ve been starting the day by tackling whatever the thing is that is taking up the most brainspace. Perhaps it is a difficult to write email. Perhaps it is a build script that just doesn’t work. Perhaps it is cleaning the turtle’s cage. Whatever it is, I do it, get it done, and have a better day in the end.

I need to push myself to do this every day. The thing that is dragging me down the most? Get it done early and move on.

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