happiness project: travel (oct) + misc

tree - 3 oct 2016

tree – 3 oct 2016

Create, Project 45, and the monthly projects in my Happiness Project … so many projects! In reality, they are all facets of the same project, guiding me to finish or give up old projects and move forward on the ones that are most important to me.

September’s main theme was Learning. Unfortunately, I was working so much this month that I had little time for other projects. Work, Volunteering, College search kept me busy. I did go to a Python Meetup and the TEDx conference, so that was cool.

October’s main theme is “Travel”. But I don’t think there is any travel in the near future for me. Much as I want to get out to California to see the babies, I don’t really have the time or the money to make it work right now. I will work on organizing our 101 list and see if we can get to some of the places on it soon.

Other smaller projects I want to work on include weight training at the gym, sorting out my pajamas, updating the DecaturSquared and GobbledyGoon blogs, organizing my iTunes, beginning our house manual, continuing to work on my resume, reading one non-fiction book, and attending at least two “cultural” events.

As usual, whatever doesn’t get done gets cycled back into the plan at a later date. I’ve crossed off a number of ongoing projects in the past month, and I look forward to getting more things organized and done as well as progressing in the longer-term projects.

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