happiness project monthly breakdown: house (mar)

dining room - 30 nov 2015

dining room – 30 nov 2015

March is the “House” month in my Happiness Project: 2014 and 2015. As there are no “overreaching” projects that I want to tackle for the house, March is when I update my “house project” planning list. I had more projects in the past years as I was still working on the original “decorating” of our condo. Now that I’ve made a complete pass, the projects are much smaller.

I also use this category as my old Room of the week decluttering and cleaning projects. With a much smaller house and years of practicing, we are now down to “Room of Two Months”.

So for House, the monthly breakdown of redecorating, decluttering, and deep cleaning is:

  • Jan: Girls’ wing
  • Feb: Girls’ wing
  • Mar: Master wing
  • Apr: Master wing
  • May: Balcony/Hall/Plants
  • Jun: Balcony/Hall/Plants
  • Jul: Dining/Living/Kitchen
  • Aug: Dining/Living/Kitchen
  • Sep: Laundry
  • Oct: Laundry
  • Nov: Office
  • Dec: Office

I do have a few other special projects in this category, such as decluttering and decorating rooms at the cabin, but they are spread throughout a few years.

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