happiness project: house + misc (mar)

Thrive!, Project 43 and the monthly projects in my Happiness Project … so many projects! In reality, they are all facets of the same project, guiding me to finish or give up old projects and move forward on the ones that are most important to me.

February’s main theme was Social Networks. I’ve made a good start on the tasks I set out and have broken the remaining bits down nicely to complete over the next year.

March’s main theme is “House”. This is not something I plan to do in a month. I already have lists of things to do for each room and have given myself two months per room in a rotating basis. I’ve already worked on the girls’ bathroom, girls’ bedroom, girls’ hallway, master bath and the den (our latest “big” project). March and April will be the entry hallway, and I’ve already enumerated some improvements and purchased a “picture wall” for the hall.

In addition, my plans for the month include small items from other month’s topics, such as organizing my health records, getting a better will written, organizing my paper files, organizing one bank account, recording serial numbers and photos of our various possessions, working through my “7 Habits” workbook, transferring accounts related to kplfans/uuhomeschool/plainhelps, cleaning up old posts on the GBK blog (some photos are still stored in Blogger), cleaning up old posts on this blog (some photos are still stored in Blogger), walking 10K steps EVERY DAY, doing more meal planning, shopping at the Farmers’ Market at least once, creating a 2007 photo album on Shutterfly, and volunteering at the Red Cross office.

Many of these small items are the same as last month, but I have moved forward on all of them, and I think a few of might finally be completed this month (or at least next month).

As usual, whatever doesn’t get done gets cycled back into the plan at a later date. I’ve crossed off a number of ongoing projects in the past month, and I look forward to getting more things organized and done as well as progressing in the longer-term projects. I wish I had taken more photos, but I’m happy with some of the snowy Decatur photos and the photos I took at the beach.

edisto - 18 feb 2014

edisto – 18 feb 2014

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