happiness project monthly breakdown: appearance (feb)

turtlenecks - 8 feb 2016

turtlenecks – 8 feb 2016

When I first started the monthly breakdown, Social Networking was assigned to the month of February. After a year of Simplifying, I was able to combine Social Networks and “Friends and Family” into one month, January. So I had February free. I decided to assign a new topic, Appearance, to February. As I’ve mentioned before, while there is a month assigned to a topic, I really spread each topic across the year, but do more of the “heavy lifting” and re-evaluating in the assigned month.

So for Appearance, the monthly breakdown is actually to go through my closet. I look at what I have, what I should get rid of, what I should replace, and what I need to add.

  • Jan: Underwear and socks
  • Feb: Turtlenecks
  • Mar: Shoes
  • Apr: T-shirts
  • May: Shorts and capris
  • Jun: Swimsuits
  • Jul: “Nice” clothes
  • Aug: Leggings and skirts
  • Sep: Sweatshirts
  • Oct: Jammies
  • Nov: Pants
  • Dec: Jeans

In the future, I think February will be the month where I really do some self-care in regards to my appearance. A haircut, a facial, whatever it is I feel like. But this year, I’m spending any extra time at the gym, not the spa!

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