happiness project: cooking + misc (apr)

Empower and Energy, Project 44 and the monthly projects in my Happiness Project … so many projects! In reality, they are all facets of the same project, guiding me to finish or give up old projects and move forward on the ones that are most important to me.

March’s main theme was House. As I move forward, I consider each month’s theme and determine if there is anything I need to do to update it. “House” is fairly stable with redecorating plans and the “Room of the Month” decluttering schedule.

April’s main theme is “Cooking”. Again, there’s nothing major that I want to accomplish in terms of the cooking this month. I will continue to work on trying to cook more and more often, but I don’t plan to tackle anything big cooking-wise until next year (“Create and Cook”).

My plans for the month include small items from other month’s topics, such as continuing to learn Python, taking a photography class, refreshing my t-shirt inventory, blogging daily, organizing my iTunes and email, updating the organization of my computer files, learning how to use my mixer, and exercising at least 3x a week including 1x with weights.

While the list is long, I can see the progress I’ve made over the past year and a half even if it has been slow. I’m more organized, have more time and energy, am cooking more and am happier with my house each and every month.

As usual, whatever doesn’t get done gets cycled back into the plan at a later date. I’ve crossed off a number of ongoing projects in the past month, and I look forward to getting more things organized and done as well as progressing in the longer-term projects.

diamorpha -30 mar 2015

diamorpha -30 mar 2015

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