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A month ago, I wrote about the feeling of “I don’t have time for this.” that I’ve been suffering from for years. And how over the past year I have been working very hard to get to the point where the frequency with which I utter that awful phrase is diminishing.

Today I once again felt the benefits that I have reaped from my work.

I stopped in at the “Big Kroger” as I needed some groceries that my easy-peasy Baby Kroger doesn’t carry. (That’s the trick to loving Baby Kroger – knowing what they carry!) Plus, the gas light was on, and with my Kroger card, I can’t beat the price. (Today’s win – empty tank and 60 cents off the advertised price per gallon.)

Alas, I’ve been avoiding the Big Kroger. They’ve been working to expand the size, and the parking lot has been a disaster. But I decided to brave it. I was totally unprepared for the interior chaos. Sure, things had been moved around a bit the last time I was there for the construction.

But today? Today was like the world’s biggest scavenger hunt. There were “employees” in every aisle moving EVERYTHING. Yes, EVERYTHING. And as I tried to find something, it was in the process of moving. What a challenge!

If I were overly stressed and “didn’t have time for this”, I would have added to the pain. Instead, I decided this would be FUN. It was a SCAVENGER HUNT! And I tried to lighten the mood — of EVERY shopper I met. I sympathized. I empathized. I helped. I laughed. I commiserated. I had a good time, and I hope that I helped a few frustrated shoppers feel not so frustrated.

Yep, I HAVE TIME FOR THIS. At long last.

big kroger - 9 sep 2014

big kroger – 9 sep 2014

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