don’t have time for this

How many times have I said this over the past 10 years? I cannot even count the times…

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been working hard to finish up projects, transfer projects, move on. Just to give myself a little bit of breathing room. Find the things that truly are worth my time. (Of course, most of the projects that were sapping me were ones that I took on very willingly… “Just Say No” never worked for me.)

Today, as I cruised — and yes, I cruised — up and down Ponce, heading to the museums, a late lunch with my girls, and more, I had time for this. I had “time for this”. Time to live. Time to sing along with the Mamma Mia soundtrack. Time to not be panicked about “running out of time”. Time to breathe. Time to truly feel alive.

It has taken much work and many ‘unpopular’ choices for me to get here.

But I like having time for this. And I think my girls also like that I have time for this too.


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