weathering the weather

Today, despite being it being Thursday, I am surprisingly content and relaxed; the Thursday run-a-round isn’t bringing me down for a change. Perhaps this is because I am feeling healthier than I have in a long time (fish oil? blueberries? low-carb?). Perhaps this is because I don’t feel behind at work (though I will be behind by this evening). Perhaps this is because I’ve conquered the majority of my to-do list and no longer feel like I’ll never get it all done. Or perhaps it is due to some combination of all these things and others.

However, I am inclined to believe that my upbeat feelings today are due less to things under my control than to things out of my control. Stepping outside, and I can feel my breaths get deeper and my mood lift. This is my absolutely ideal day, weatherwise. I sure wish it were not Thursday, but instead a day on which we could visit a park, go for a hike, enjoy the outdoors. After last night’s storm, the sky is clear and the day is crisp with a fresh, cool breeze. I can feel the promise of possibility in the air. I’m hopeful. I’m happy. I can imagine how wonderful life could be.

Why am I so surprised that the seasons and the weather affect my moods so much? Isn’t that just natural?

The hot, humid, oppressive summer is just around the corner. So I will soak up as much of spring as I possibly can while it is here.

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