Photo Friday: Fun Fall Traditions

Cow Train Tractor


Each fall, my mom, the girls and I have a tradition of spending a few days up at the cabin in Blue Ridge, GA, and participating in “fall fun” activities such as corn mazes and pumpkin farms.
Last weekend, my mom, the girls and I spent a couple of days in Blue Ridge, and after the mud fiasco, set out later than we had hoped to a maze in TN and were somewhat detoured by the crowds in Copper Hill (Georgia – Tennessee – GA – TN – GA – TN – GA, then finally TN!) who were out trick-or-treating in the downtown business district….there was a bouncy tent on the bridge we were trying to cross…. A bouncy tent! On the bridge!

We arrived, later than planned, at The River Maze after a beautiful fall foliage drive along the Occoee, but there was still plenty of light for us to fire off the corn cannons, ride the cow train (Chloe only) and then hike out and pick a few pumpkins — we figured out later that we went to the “picked over” pumpkin patch instead of the “fresh one”, but we found a few nice pumpkins to take home to replace the ones we had carved last week that had literally melted.

The sky was turning to dusk, so as we bought the pumpkins, we added in glow necklaces for the girls. The sky grew to pitch black while we were in the maze, so the glow necklaces were perfect. We could see the girls when they ran ahead, and they could use their glowsticks to read the directing questions. Overall, the girls had a great time, though when we took a little longer than usual to find the next guidepost, Chloe went into her “I’m bored.” routine. It was our first time in a corn maze in the dark…a fun new twist!

After the maze, the girls enjoyed their treat of hot apple cider and fried apple pies!

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Pumpkin Patch

Corn Maze

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