happiness project: RELAX and REFLECT (2018)

arabia - 17 jul 2017

arabia – 17 jul 2017

Here we are closing up the year 2017. And as people do, I’m thinking about what has gone by and how to plan for the new year ahead.

2017 was my year of THRIVE and TRAVEL.
I did not travel as much as I had hoped, but I am actually not too sad about it. I did get to the Cape with Chloe and my parents, a lovely trip to NYC with Camille, and then two separate trips to Northampton with Camille. We also went camping, to the cabin, and on a weekend trip back to the cape. As for the Thrive aspect, I’m still working on it. I did not start a real French class, but I continue to make progress in my daily Duolingo practice; I’m not sure if I want to take a formal class. Maybe I’ll add some easy books or tv shows to further my learning. I’ve worked a bit harder to keep my volunteering moving forward as well as to reach out to friends and family. I’ve also been trying to get out to more events and have plans to move forward with that.

For 2018, my theme is RELAX and REFLECT. When I set up the themes for my project back in 2014, I had certain dreams of what my future would hold. While these have changed, I have an increasing need to relax and reflect.

The theme of RELAX and REFLECT. My initial ideas on that list were: Meditate, tea, massage, yoga. While I’ve been improving my flexibility through the trainer, stretching, and tai-chi, I’m still not ready to tackle yoga. Maybe later in the year. I’ve signed up for a “tea of the month” program and am sampling what we have on hand in the meantime. I see a “beginning meditation” class being offered locally that I might sign up for. And soon I’ll get myself back into getting a massage every so often. I think my journaling will be a part of the reflecting too.

As with last year, each month will have a particular focus. Since I have crossed off so many items from previous years, some of the monthly focuses from last year are no longer relevant. I’ve replaced these with new ones that relate to my new goals.

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