news from arabia – 26 dec 2017

This week in our Arabian Adventures:

meadow - 25 dec 2017

meadow – 25 dec 2017

Monday 12/25:

After a morning of gifts and bagels, I needed to get away from the chaos of people, tv, and being indoors. Phelix and I jumped in the jeep and ignored the chilly temperatures. Given the wind, I decided a hike up to Wilburn Farm would be our best bet. While on the PATH to the trail, we were passed (while Phelix did business) by a couple and their golden retriever; Phelix was not so worried, but they kept telling their dog to “leave it”.

My pup knows the trail and kept pulling, so I dropped the leash as long as he would listen to my commands. When we got up to the farm, wow! Mowed! So different than the overgrown mess the last time we were up there. The trail back from the farm to Boomerang seems longer, but is quite nice. Phelix was insistent that we take the trail to the Cascades (his happiest place), but because of the time, temperature, and wind, I made the poor boy head home.

wilburn - 25 dec 2017

wilburn – 25 dec 2017

winter - 25 dec 2017

winter – 25 dec 2017

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