news from arabia – 21 nov 2017

flowers - 17 nov 2017

flowers – 17 nov 2017

Arabia Mountain. Along with Pine Lake (and possibly Cape Cod), this place is one of my heart’s homes. Most people don’t get it. A rocky outcrop in the city. Noise pollution (highway, police firing range, ATL landing route). Never too far from populated areas. But Phelix and I have found our special places here. Special enough that I bought a lot on the mountain – a strange lot, but a lot.

I am making an effort to try to include a bit more here on my blog. I don’t have much to talk about, but I don’t ever stop talking about my mountain. Maybe I’ll post my adventures. Maybe I’ll post some history. I have dreams of writing an Arabia Mountain version of Outlander (or maybe a Michener). A story of love and families played out on the mountain.

But for now, the saga of my explorations.

This week:

Friday 11/17:

It’s a Subaru day. Rob actually drove to work and took the Jeep. Phelix and I don’t mind. As we approach the Cascades along Salem and Evans Mill, his nose gets twitchy. He knows. He just knows we are close to our happy place. There was a construction sign in our driveway, so i had to slow down even more than usual to turn in. Soon the sewer work will be done. Unfortunately, it is a “pressurized” sewer line and not a public hook-up.

The nominal driveway is camouflaged, but with the all-wheel drive we zoom up and around the “circular drive” of our lot. Phelix knows where he is and takes off. He doesn’t get that he’s not in charge sometimes. Once we became a team, we headed up the driveway to Rockland and across to the trail just on the other side of the creek. Once we were away from the road, I dropped the leash and let him sniff.

We hiked. I haven’t been on the trail since January (wow), and there was a bit of crawling and fording to do. After a bit of exploring, we made it across Stephenson Creek and to the outcrop. We spent time exploring — and found properties that back right up to the outcrop. Neighbors!

I had a terrible time trying to find the trail to Vaughter’s. There are too many trees down. Once I did find it, I was done, and we headed home. I dropped the leash once we were back on our land. After getting organized, I called for Phelix. No answer. Momma’s heart was panicking. I walked down the driveway calling, No answer. Finally found the boy. Whew. He knew where he was. In his place. Sigh.

Mon 11/20:

Escape! I have hopes of getting to the mountain once a week. If I can get out there on a Monday, then that increases my chances of getting there more than once…. Chloe went to the “dome implosion”. How are we destroying stadiums that are younger than me? What a waste.

I have only parked at the Vaughter’s Farm parking lot on Klondike once before. Since it is a state park lot, I always check. No sign of a collection station. I have a state park pass in the car, so no idea why I worry…..

A friendly driver slowed to let us cross Klondike Road. Phelix remembered the trail from last week. It is a long slog up to the back of the meadow, but a pleasant slog …. Unlike last week, I did not let him roll in the blech. Oh, the blech. Instead of taking the Woodlands Trail from the top (which takes us down to the outcrop we explored on Friday and then to our lot), I figured we’d try something new … NEW. I think this might be the last of our Arabia trails (other than ones in the real Panola)… Sigh.

We started in to the the woods to the “House Ruins”. The trail was not well cleared, but it is the woods, right? Unfortunately, Phelix was excited and the trail was slippery. I stopped him a few times to tell him to stop pulling, but he doesn’t listen. He yanked, I slipped on wet leaves and the downhill. I slipped into a root hole left by a newly fallen tree. The rocks and my knees. Ouch.

At that point, I aborted our new adventure. I slowly made my way back up the wooded hill to the meadow. The house ruins would just have to wait. Each step was less painful, and we made it back to the car. Time to buy a walking stick!!

lake - 17 nov 2017

lake – 17 nov 2017

leaves - 17 nov 2017

leaves – 17 nov 2017

meadow - 17 nov 2017

meadow – 17 nov 2017

moss - 17 nov 2017

moss – 17 nov 2017

frost - 20 nov 2017

frost – 20 nov 2017

bales - 20 nov 2017

bales – 20 nov 2017

bales - 20 nov 2017

bales – 20 nov 2017

woods - 20 nov 2017

woods – 20 nov 2017

farm - 20 nov 2017

farm – 20 nov 2017

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