rediscovering books.

Don’t get me wrong. Books have always been central to my life.

lsos - 6 may 2017

lsos – 6 may 2017

After grad school, I could only read fluff. My head was filled, no room for anything else. While pregnant with Camille, I read everything I could get my hands on about childbirth and babies. Once Camille was born, my reading was all about childrearing and education. Then we became homeschoolers — so much more to learn.

I missed years of great books that were not kid-focused. Eventually, I subscribed to The New Yorker and Time Magazine because I missing out on current events. I also tried to read “GREAT BOOKS” as I had time (and intend to go back to that project soon). But I wasn’t reading for fun any more… Only for self-improvement.

Then life got hard this year. And I stopped reading once again. No time for it.

Lately, I’ve been rediscovering books for fun. A little of this, a little of that.

But I struggle. Between taking care of work, kids, self-improvement, and, argh, my streaming binging — I find a good show and I JUST CAN’T STOP — I have a hard time finding time to read an “escape book”.

Our library is amazing. So many of the books I want to read? I can request them with a click of a button. Each Monday, my requests are sitting there on a shelf for me to grab.

I am hesitant to buy a book. I am a minimalist. But I also love out local bookstore and want to help keep them thriving. Such a dilemma.

So yeah. I love to read. But even that takes planning and intention. When I really just need to escape for a few minutes…

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