celebrations: week 12 (20-26 mar 2017)

We managed a couple of celebrations this past week…

Coming up this week:
20: National Ravioli Day and National Quilting Day and Spring Equinox and Snowman Burning Day and International Day of Happiness

21: National French Bread Day and World Forestry Day

22: World Water Day and National Goof Off Day

23: National Puppy Day and National Chip and Dip Day and World Meteorological Day

24: National Chocolate-Covered Raisin Day

25: Old New Year’s Day and Waffle Day

26: Make Up Your Own Holiday Day and National Nougat Day and National Spinach Day

Our celebrations from week 11:
14: National Potato Chip Day

chips - 14 mar 2017

chips – 14 mar 2017

17: Saint Patrick’s Day

st patrick's - 17 mar 2017

st patrick’s – 17 mar 2017

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