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dirt piles - 22 dec 2016

dirt piles – 22 dec 2016

About two years ago, I had crossed enough items off of my forever long to do list that I could start taking Phelix out to hike at Davidson-Arabia. Our once a week hikes grew into twice or thrice a week hikes, time and weather permitting. I feel so very much alive when I’m there in the woods or on the mountain.

In November, I spotted a lot for sale. Perfect location. Had to have it, even with its issues.

And now it is mine.

We have a lot of work to do to mostly return it to its natural state. Once that’s done, we can start coming up with plans to build. There are no utilities, so we’ll need water, septic, power, phone. To build a house smaller than 2000sq ft, we’ll need a variance.

But for now, maybe just grading and a platform with a picnic table, perhaps.

Visit us at Arabiascape.

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