a sigh (and cry) of relief.

phelix's glade - 26 aug 2015

phelix’s glade – 26 aug 2015

I had no idea. I knew it was bad, but didn’t realize how bad it really was. When I stepped out the door to walk Phelix early yesterday morning, I realized how ABSOLUTELY, AMAZING, and WONDERFUL it can actually be and was hit by the realization that it had been awful for weeks now.

WONDERFUL: To be able to step outside and not be immediately miserable. To not have to hunker down inside. To have to dread heading out. While I’m an extreme introvert, I’m not agoraphobic. And until yesterday, I had known that I don’t like the heat and humidity of the Atlanta summers. But I didn’t quite realize how absolutely, terribly, and horribly miserable this summer’s oppressive heat and humidity had made me.

Even with having spent 4.5 weeks in cooler climes, this summer has been far too long and far too miserable. Yesterday’s surprisingly cool, breezy and dry weather changed my mood immediately, even despite my still being under the weather, fighting off Chloe’s so generously shared back-to-school virus.

I didn’t really have enough time to spare today due to having been so sick, but I got out my boots and backpack anyway. I had to take advantage, knowing that this is just a short respite. Phelix spotted me gathering our stuff and started doing his happiest of happy dances. We were gong hiking for the first time in months!

Oh, how nice it felt to get back outside without melting. And to do our hike. Without a second’s hesitation, he knew his trail. And his trail leads off the path to “Phelix’s Glade”, his own special happy place. I had one happy, overjoyed pup. As we continued on the hike, he ran in circles, doing a happy dance. While I didn’t run in circles, I felt the same joy.

Summer here makes me absolutely miserable. I suppose I have SAD, but the opposite of the general definition. Hot, humid days that I’m either trapped inside or melting have me feeling depressed and miserable. One crisp day, and I’m crying tears of joy.

phelix's glade - 26 aug 2015

phelix’s glade – 26 aug 2015

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