summer passport 2013: week 1

As school got out on Friday, we’ve only had two days to work on our summer passport activities. At the moment, we are still adding ideas to our list, trying to get it to reach 67 items.

However, we’ve already started to work through the list!

This two-day week we:
37. Attend TimeGateCon: 24-26 may 2013
67. Arrange a few playdates/sleepovers: 25 may, 26 may 2013

We also started on the following items:
30. Do a jigsaw puzzle: 24-26 may 2013
51. Play the license plate game – 22 so far
52. Color in a GA county map – 8 counties so far

TimeGate - 25 may 2013

TimeGate – 25 may 2013

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