autumn is finally here

The days are cooler. The trees are bright and colorful. I’m ready to make soups and teas and curl up under a blanket with a good book. And to possibly take up knitting once again.

But it is too late for autumn. Thanksgiving is a week away. And thus the Christmas rush will be upon us shortly.

While I generally try to buy nothing on the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday still does signal the beginning of the Christmas season for me. Time to get started on cards, gifts, decking the halls. And the annual events start : dinners, lighting of the lake, lighting of the tree, volunteering.

I’m not ready. Only in the past couple of days, I’ve started to feel caught up after our month of injury and illness. I’ve been able to move ahead on certain projects again. I’m not ready for a frenetic pace quite yet. Maybe, just maybe, I can hold the Christmas season, other than a handful of events, off until December 1st.

Now, off to plan 2.5 weeks worth of fall soups and activities!! Christmas can wait.

autumn - 9 nov 2011

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