school night.

dragon - 26 sep 2017

dragon – 26 sep 2017

It began as yet another boring parent meeting. I read all the emails. I know what’s going on. We sign the forms and turn them in. No need to remind me. I hate hearing the story for the fifth time…. I *got* this.

But … I also get it. Parents, by default, are busy. The *imoprtant* things need to be repeated for those who have missed it the first four times. I have been in a place where I couldn’t pay attention to the school news; I don’t begrudge them. But I do wonder … I know all of this, why I am I here?

And then we were forced into participation. My most loathed thing. Even one of the moms said “We are obviously a group of introverts here …. Not going to get volunteers.”

And of course, I was chosen to be one of two thespians to enact Oedipus … My co-actor was as timid and introverted as I am. And we bonded. And the experience didn’t make me hate parent meetings … I actually feel more inspired than ever. If this teacher can get ME to participate? I bet he can get my girl to participate …. !

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