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jeep - 23 sep 2017

jeep – 23 sep 2017

We went for 3.5 years with sharing a car. It worked okay. Sometimes I felt trapped, but mostly we made it work. Then life fell apart. Even so, we made it work with one car. It took lots of arranging and some bizarre arrangements, but it worked.

But now life has gotten a little easier. OUr family of four has morphed into a (mostly) family of three now that Camille
is off at college. Chloe is happy at her walkable school. So smaller family, close school, why is it time to add a car?

My own selfish reasons. My life has gotten so much less chaotic than it has been over the past year. I find I have time to head out for lunch, a hike, a weekend trip. But with one car, I feel like I should not take the time I need to go off on a hike, or a retreat, or an overnight camping trip.

I suppose we could figure out ways to make it all work, but I am greatly in need of the flexibility that two cars will give us.

our jeep - 23 sep 2017

our jeep – 23 sep 2017

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