expect the unexpected.

headlights - 21 jul 2017

headlights – 21 jul 2017

I’m not a car person. I never spent time to learn how to care for a car. I can’t change the oil, can’t replace a belt. I might be able to change a tire if it comes to it. The one time I had a flat tire, I didn’t get the chance to try to change it.

I’ve had car troubles while traveling alone (or alone with the girls), but I have always managed to coax the car to the shop, thankfully.

This trip presented me with two car troubles (so far). The first was a burnt out headlight. I don’t know how long it has been out, but once I realized, I didn’t want to let it go for long. Chloe and I pulled into the first auto parts store we saw and bought the bulb. While she was supposed to help me, she rode rollercoasters instead. I had a short amount of time to replace the bulb – and was amazed at how easy it was to do!

But then the next morning as we pulled away from the hotel, the thump-thump-thump told me I had a flat tire, so I pulled in to the diner. All the tires looked good, and no backpack straps caught in doors. We drove a bit further, and still the thump and then vibrating at higher speeds. I pulled into a gas station to inspect further. I saw a mess on the front tire. Sticky, gooey, gross, like gum or candy with then road debris and gravel coating it. I couldn’t go over 60 without too much vibration for ten miles, but then it slowly worked itself off.

So glad to not have to have dealt with a flat tire or worse as we were already cutting it close on our day’s schedule.

One day I’ll find the ideal car repair and maintenance class. Until then, I’ll take it one day at a time. And be prepared to expect the unexpected.

sticky mess - 22 jul 2017

sticky mess – 22 jul 2017

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