being present.

I’ve lived in a constant state of panic for so long that I no longer know how to not live that way even when there’s no need to panic.

This week, I’ve caught myself wishing for something to “Hurry up and be over! I have things to do!” a number of times when, in reality, I had nothing to do other than be there and in the moment.

One such event was Chloe’s lovely flute recital. I had NOTHING else on my agenda for the day, other than to write this blog post and the usual family/home chores. Nothing. But I found myself counting the number of musical pieces left and multiplying by the approximate length.

But why? I was not in a hurry to leave. There were friends in the audience. Chloe’s flute teacher is wonderfully welcoming. The music was pleasant. I had no reason to try to wish it to be over quickly. None at all.

So I re-centered. Took some deep breaths. I have yet to master meditation, but I kept encouraging my mind to stay in the moment and not let all the other busy-ness creep in. Focus on the NOW.

My girl played some gorgeous music on her flute. And, despite my struggles to be there, I truly was present in the moment.

flute - 17 jun 2017

flute – 17 jun 2017

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