september 1st.

weather - 1 sep 2-16

weather – 1 sep 2-16

September is here! Each year, I imagine that when September comes around, summer will finally be over. Not “summer” but summer. The heat. The humidity. The misery of living in the south.

This has been an AWFUL summer for me. The number of days over 90 broke records. The nighttime lows never got low. I step out the door, and I break into a miserable sweat. I feel miserable if I am outside for more than 30 minutes. I’ve been so trapped that I’ve become depressed. A sort of reverse SAD.

So I look at the calendar and look forward to September. I get excited about the prospect of getting back outdoors. Returning to our almost daily hikes at Arabia. Of being able to take photos of more than just the things and people in my apartment. And agree to participate in outdoor activities: volunteering at the Decatur Book Festival, attending Music Midtown with Chloe, and more.

And here it is September 1st. I opened the house up this morning to feel the cool autumn breezes. Should be in the low 80’s today, right? Nope.

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