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101 bakery - 10 sep 2016

101 bakery – 10 sep 2016

Food in Boston. What comes to mind? Seafood, for sure. Then maybe some continental cuisines? We spend our one evening in Boston in Chinatwon, enjoying the Lantern Festival and the food. First stop was bubble tea (they were out of bubbles) and cake from the 101 Bakery. The cake was cute Camille could barely bring herself to eat any of it!

From there, we wandered around and found a hole in the wall Chinese place that served hand-pulled noodles among other things. Camille’s soup was so large that she decided to take it with her when we were done and eat as we walked. Eating noodle soup with chopsticks while walking!

Camille and I stopped in at CVS for a few supplies. So jealous of their food selection. Not only did they carry cheese, but they even had Cabot’s Seriously Sharp Cheddar!

cake - 10 sep 2016

cake – 10 sep 2016

noodles - 10 sep 2016

noodles – 10 sep 2016

soup - 10 sep 2016

soup – 10 sep 2016

cvs - 10 sep 2016

cvs – 10 sep 2016

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